The light of Christ

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Sometimes the world seems very dark, especially when we hear about or observe first-hand, violence, greed, hatred, racism, and our earth being despoiled by wars and environmental damage.

In the face of such evils and injustices, we can become very discouraged. But the light of Christ shines in the darkness.

This became a physical reality for three of Jesus disciples when they witnessed the transfiguration, or change in Jesus’ appearance, after he had taken them up a mountain to pray. The transfiguration was a manifestation of the union of humanity and divinity in Jesus. And the truth of Jesus’ message was affirmed by the glory that surrounded Jesus on the mountain and by the voice from heaven that confirmed his authority.

This revelation can be very encouraging for us when the public conversation around us is weighed down with fear and untruth.

But we need not limit God’s revelation to mountain top experiences – God’s light shines in the everyday if only we pay attention. It may be the light of justice and mercy, the beauty of reconciliation, healing and forgiveness – the glory of God’s love courageously personified in the loving action of an ordinary person ‘moved by the Holy Spirit’ – perhaps in you!

Ask God to open the eyes of your heart. So that you can see the light of Christ in the everyday elements of life – the ordinary moments. Let the light of Christ shine in you and through you.

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