Love one another

REFLECTION for MAUNDAY THURSDAY by Pamela Langford Close your eyes and think of the words that today’s reading brings you.

Servant, humble, washed, clean, loved, example. These are what sprang to my mind.

Jesus kneels on the floor in front of each disciple. One by one, the water of his love washes over the feet of each disciple.

Jesus was stating that unless their sins had been washed away, they can have no part of him, they cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. This message of repentance and forgiveness is the very essece of Jesus’ teaching.

No one is left out. Not Judas, not Peter. All are washed, all are loved.

Jesus chooses to love, not some but all. That is the choice before us.

If we follow Jesus’ example we cannot choose to love only those we like, those we think as deserving, those for whom we have good feelings, those who think, look and act like us.

It is all or nothing. If we do not love all, we love none.

Love for Jesus is not about feelings and emotions, it is about choice.

In Jesus’ teaching, those who choose his way, get washed regardless of where your feet have been or where they are going.

That is the example and commandment he sets before his disciples and us.

The first person the disciples will have to choose to love or not love is Judas; one who turns away, the one who walks in the night, the one who betrays.

We also have to make that first choice.

Everyone has a Judas or three in their lives. And everyone has been a Judas to someone else. Sometimes we have been Judas to ourselves.

Jesus said “ I give you a new commandment that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you should also love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Do we faithfully honour this commandment?

Who is your Judas? Name him or her or them.

Then choose……………………………

Choose to love as Jesus has washed and loved you. Amen

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