Season of Creation 2


Here are some Extra Resources for the Season of Creation, week 2.

I am very keen to hear what extra resources you have found to be helpful during this season of reflecting on our relationship with all of creation.

"Welcome to Country" by William Barton and James Morrison

This short video gives some background history to the

Season of Creation, which started in 1989 and has gained momentum each year since 2003. We are called to pray, act, commit and celebrate under the theme of "A Home for All  Renewing the Oikos of God".

Moving on from our Pew Sheet page 1:

"Martin Luther on How 

Not to Tempt God 

During a Plague"

Click on the star.

In the article above you will also find Martin Luther's open letter to Revd Dr Johann Hess, "Whether One May Flee from a Deadly Plague".

Brilliant piece of writing.

Long. But worth it!

2019 09 12   Martin Luther   Plague.jpg

"Martin Luther on

How Not to Tempt God During a Plague"

My Worship at Home space. What have you found helpful during our recent lockdown?

2021 09 12   psw Worship Space.jpg

"Everything You Need to Know about Planet Earth" is a background animation about our home planet.

"The Heavens are Telling the Glory of God" from "The Creation" by Haydn.

Thank you Anne Weekley for this.

"Alone, Together" is a beautiful piece of music. Suggested by Alan Oldroyd. Just let this wash over you and cleanse you. Divine.

"How a tree, a dog & a chimpanzee taught Jane Goodall to hold on to hope" is taken from the ABC website.

Thank you for this Lesle.

Click on the blue

button to take you

to the ABC site

2021 09 12   Jane Goodall.jpg

Some more music from the vault. Way back in 1995, Tracy Chapman had a brilliant album called New Beginnings. Here is the first of two tracks which fit the Season of Creation very well: "Heaven's Here on Earth".

A second track from Tracy Chapman's brilliant album called New Beginnings. Here is the title track "New Beginningwhich again fits the Season of Creation.

Click the red button below to find the lyrics.

I have kept this prayer from Common Grace, which we used in our worship services in Church during August.

Keep praying, at all times and in all places for our Common Home and for a Healing of Country here in Australia.

A final prayer of gratitude reminding us of :


   our inter-connectedness,

   the cry of the earth,

   and our shared care of creation. 


Some final wise words from Meister Eckhart. Concise.

Says it all really. Perfect as we continue in the "Season of Creation"

2021 09 12   Meister Eckhart   THANK YOU.JPG