Here are some Extra Resources for the Season of Creation.

I am very keen to hear what extra resources you have found to be helpful during this season of reflecting on our relationship with all of creation.

This short video gives some background history to the

Season of Creation, which started in 1989 and has gained momentum each year since 2003. We are called to pray, act, commit and celebrate under the theme of "A Home for All  Renewing the Oikos of God".

A prayer about the beauty of creation and the inter-connectedness of all of God's creation - our Common Home. May we safeguard a Home for All.

"One World One Voice" is a world music album intended to raise awareness of environmental issues, recorded back in 1990.

video of the entire album was produced for television together with a "Making of" documentary.

This is Track 1 is Robbie Robertson, Wayne Shorter, Egberto Gismonti, Ryuichi Sakamoto - Chief Seattle Speaks - words used in our Opening Prayer

"The Solar System" is a background animation about the scale of our part of the Universe. Slightly out of date about the numbers of moons but still a very good starting point to think about the size of the solar system, a small part of the Milky Way and a tiny, tiny part of the whole universe.

"To Scale: The Solar System" gives a real sense of the vastness of our solar system. The proportions of the planets and the amount of empty space are, as the film makers comment, "staggering"!

If you click on the red button here, you will find the Sunday Papers from August, taken from Julia Baird's book "Phosphoresence", describing astronaut's views of the earth

from space.

From the Proms from the Albert Hall in London is an absolutely electrifying performance of "The Planets", written by Gustav Holst, and performed by the National Youth Orchestra. Beautiful to hear, beautifully filmed and recorded. I could not stop watching and marvelling.  

An extra worship song called "Were You There", not about the crucifixion but about Job's encounter with God towards the end of the Old Testament Book of Job. 

Let me know what you think of it.

Click on the blue button below to see "Triangles: The Strongest Shape" which Lesle used as part of her reading for her Homily today.

2021 09 05   Triangles.jpg

A final prayer from Common Grace, which we used in our worship services in Church during August.

Keep praying, at all times and in all places for our Common Home and for a Healing of Country here in Australia.